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2017 Wild Cats Capsule

The wild cats capsule is dedicated to two endangered cat species : the Black Panther and the Bengal Tiger..

The Black panther hoodie is a feminine version of our classic hoodie model with a natural grey-nude color way and crystal drawstring attached inside the hood.

The Bengal Tiger, on the other hand, is a more obscure model, with natural jade drawstring and a black-copper color way.

2017 Alarm Lamp Capsule

The Alarm Lamp Capsule is a printed collection consisting of two T-shirts and two Longsleeves that carries the image of a red alarm lamp with a vibrant halo.

The image signifies that there are so many things wrong in the world that we need to pay attention to and start fixing together.

2017 Capsule Collection

Our first capsule collection is dedicated to birds.

A bird has a variety of symbolic meanings in different cultures and mythologies, but the most common concepts that it represents is freedom, peace and perspective. We surely could all use a little perspective to help a good cause.

We have chosen 4 birds in danger of extinction, whose populations are decreasing at a very fast rate.